Approaching 2010—We Have an Epidemic


Recently I took a poll in our Sunday Morning service to see how many 20-40 year olds we had in our service. That day I think we had 90 total in attendance—that day we only had 10—TEN—10 people in attendance between the ages of 20-40 years of age. Unfortunately, though this was a “one-time poll” for us, this is a typical Sunday. The demographics of our community told us a few things:


ž     Out of 90 people we should have had 55 people there 40 and over—that day we had 54. In other words we are right where we should be % wise as it relates to the demographics of Minford compared with the age of our congregation that day.

ž     Out of the 90 people we should have had 23 people between the ages of 20-40—that day we had 10—TEN—10!

ž     Thankfully we were well over our percentage in children ranging from 0-19! The question is—are we going to keep them or lose another generation like we did the “last go ‘round.”


Current statistics tell us that 61%, almost 2/3 of children raised in church will say goodbye to church by the time they’ve reached 29. MOST of these have already said goodbye by the time they get to High School! Parents, churches and pastors must wake up and realize that we have a terrible epidemic on our hands! If the CDC were to announce today that 61% of our youth population would die by the time they reached the age of 29 drastic measures would be in place to prevent this! I think it’s time that Harrison FWB Church start taking drastic measures as well!


2010 marks Harrison FWB Church’s 135th year anniversary. We have a lot to be thankful for in our past. Our records indicate times of great revival in our past. People testify to great numbers of people being saved and baptized in our past. Records show Sunday School attendance hovering around the 200 mark in our past, with a record day of 303 in our past. But what about today? What about tomorrow if Jesus tarries His coming? Is the need of Minford and Scioto county any less important or great than the past? If nothing else the need has gotten greater!


To be honest with you I don’t know if we can reclaim the 20-40 year old age bracket in 2010. However, I do know this. Regardless of the age bracket men and women die and go to Hell. We must reach them and then teach them so they may reach others! We must disciple them and give them good foundations so they may build strong families and spiritual children. This is OUR job, this is OUR responsibility and this is OUR TIME! WE ARE HERE FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS, just like the senior saints who’ve left our pews for the place in the Heavenlies were here for their time!


Let’s make 2010 a great year by ending 2009 with passionate praying, soulwinning, encouraging, and blessing, praising and glorifying the Lord! Let us make much of Jesus for though we were nothing, He sure has chosen to make much of us!


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